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Kismet Estate Winery



Kismet ~ ਕਿਸਮਤ

fate; destiny

The Dhaliwal family's journey from the farming lands of Punjab, India, to the vineyards of Oliver, BC, is more than a story of relocation; it's a tale of blending cultures and traditions to create a new legacy. At Kismet Estate Winery, the Dhaliwal family's cultural heritage is not just remembered; it is celebrated and is at the forefront of our storytelling. Embracing their roots, the Dhaliwals have infused their wines with the essence of their journey. Each name, each label, tells a part of their story – from the trials of immigration to the joys of establishing a new home. Our wine names and branding are carefully chosen to honor and share the narratives of their journey, their spiritual beliefs, and the experiences that shaped their lives. It’s a tribute to the resilience, hope, and spirit of the true immigrant story.

“We’re proud to say, ‘We’re Punjabi and we are farmers.’ We've gone through a lot in our journey of figuring out how to keep our Indian Heritage and also be Canadian.” 

Our commitment goes beyond cultivating vineyards; it's about cultivating relationships. When you visit Kismet Estate Winery, you step into a world where every detail, from the vine to the glass, is infused with the warmth and spirit of the Dhaliwal family. Every bottle from Kismet Estate Winery is a celebration of the Dhaliwal family's legacy – a legacy that encompasses the challenges of starting anew, the strength drawn from spiritual beliefs, and the unyielding pursuit of a dream.  Our legacy is not just in the land we farm or the wine we produce, but in the enduring connections we forge. At Kismet, every sip is an invitation to be part of a story that spans generations and geographies. It's an experience that leaves you feeling not just as a guest, but as a cherished member of our family, connected through the shared appreciation of our journey and our wines.

Follow your Destiny. Experience the Excellence.