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Kismet Estate Winery


Virtual Wine Tastings

We are always so excited around this time of year because
our tasting room opens and we start getting surprise visits from many of you. 
That being said, we want to continue seeing all of you and enjoying your company - virtually!

We are offering free virtual wine tastings!

How does this work?

1.) Decide which 3 bottles you would like to taste.

2.) If you haven't already ordered the wines,
      go ahead and make an online order.

3.) Schedule a virtual wine tasting in our schedule below.

4.) You will be emailed a link for a virtual meeting. 
     You can click on this link at the time of the tasting 
       and we will host you for up to 45 minutes!
The best part is, you can invite your friends and family! 
Share the link with whoever loves drinking our wine!! 
We can all get together virtually for the wine tasting.
The more, the merrier!