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Kismet Estate Winery

2013 Vintages

Our region normally enjoys warm and dry Autumns but the year 2013 was unique. The valley was hit with an unexpected period of rain right in the middle of the harvest in September. The dangers of rain include flavour dilution and diseases such as bunch rot. However, the majority of our red varietals are planted on properties with lots of sandy soil which helped quickly drain the excess water after the abrupt periods of rainfall. However, on the bright side, the rain also allowed the ripening process to slow down a bit. Early ripening for heavy red varietals can result in less flavour and balance in wine. Therefore, the rain actually helped balance the acidity in our grapes and enhanced the sugar levels and flavours required for our juicy red wines.

2014 Vintages

At the beginning of the 2014 season, there was an early start to bud breaking and flowering of the vines. As we transitioned into the summer, the weather stayed consistently warm and dry, with plenty of diurnal temperature shifts. These temperature shifts created the much needed cooling periods that help red varietals retain their acidity. The early bud break combined with the warm temperatures and diurnal shifts allowed the fruit to stay on the vine for a longer period, which resulted in intense, ripe fruit flavours for the 2014 vintages.

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