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Kismet Estate Winery
Kismet Winery
February 28, 2024 | Kismet Winery

What are those windmills located in the Kismet Vineyards?

Kismet Estate Winery and grape growers throughout the South Okanagan Wine Region use wind machines — sometimes also referred to as frost fans or wind turbines — as a means of protection in vineyards. These machines help mitigate the risk of frost damage to grapevines, especially during critical growth stages.

During cold nights, especially in the spring when grapevines are in their early growth stages, frost can form on the vines and cause significant damage to buds, shoots, and young leaves. The wind machines at Kismet Estate Winery work to mix the colder air near the ground with warmer air above, effectively raising the temperature in the vineyard and preventing frost formation.

By creating a gentle airflow, these machines can raise the temperature near the vines, protecting against frost damage.

Our wind machines can also contribute to the creation of a favourable microclimate within the vineyard. By maintaining warmer temperatures during cold nights, they are used to help maintain the health and vitality of grapevines, promoting optimal growth and development. 

Frost events can have devastating economic consequences for grape growers, reducing yields and impacting the quality of the fruit. Wind machines offer a cost-effective solution to help mitigate this as best as possible, helping growers safeguard their crops and avoid financial losses.

Compared to other frost protection methods, such as overhead sprinklers or heating systems, wind machines are relatively environmentally friendly. They consume less energy and water, making them a sustainable option for Kismet and the South Okanagan Valley.

Unfortunately, sometimes the temperatures in South Okanagan can get to such extreme cold temperatures that the wind machines aren't able to protect against the cold, as was the case during January of 2024.


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